Welcome to Listening Skills Practice ~ Scotland

This website badly needs updating ! As it stands it still serves to give a sense of the work that I do. Currently, in 2020, I am working almost full time on Glasgow Piano City ~ though am still happy to respond to enquiries on sharing Listening Skills.

In the midst of the current COVID -19 situation there is a reassessment of ways of working for everyone. For now, I am suspending face to face working though still happy to talk on the phone.

I offer tuition in Listening through the Body ~ with A r t. 

This is a Listening Skills Practice, central to both creative and therapeutic process and a blend of all the good stuff from the common ground between a few different ways of working that all recognise 'listening ~ with more than our ears' as helpful: Experiential Listening & Focusing, Mindfulness, Feldenkrais, Qi-kung and EFT - as well as the insight David Bohm and Krishnamurti offer on expanding our area of perception to include the structure, process & movement of ' thought' that animates the 'content', we so usually get stuck spiraling in.

The central attitude of sincere playfulness helps us to notice whatever we notice in ourselves, interact imaginatively with our experience and move forward, as a whole, through life.

Much easier said than done.

This is learning by doing based on the understanding that our necessary starting point is always knowing in your bones that we are ok just as we are . . . 

Including therapeutic Art Making into our listening process adds an extra playful dimension, in tune with principles of Neuro Plasticity underpinning both Feldenkrais and EFT where the emphasis is on resting just as much as 'doing ' and not really trying to change anything.

If you have a life situation or creative project that you want to move forward, beyond stuckness, I offer 1-to-1 tuition & small group workshops in this gentle way of being with ourselves and each other - though, no technique or method is a magic wand or guarantee of anything shifting or changing in our life. For genuine change to come we need genuine insight and for that we need to help create the conditions where it can occur. We can't usefully force ourselves to change, we can only aim to create the space & helpful conditions for change to happen. We can also just let ourselves rest, while . . . 

Listening Sensing Pausing