I am in the process of developing new projects in Scotland. 

This began in 2012 with Lifelines at Epilepsy West Lothian. 


This project offered Listening skills to people ~ informally

through group Art making and mindful exercises such as

simple Body Scanning to reduce stress manage anxiety. 

By gently inviting our attention back into the body with an

attitude of care and curiosity we increase our connection

with our sense of meaning and tap invaluable resources

of energy available to us through small achievable shifts

in our language ~ and how we give and recieve attention

within ourselves and with others.


I spent a year getting to know some of the people using

the Epilepsy West Lothian or ( EWL ) Outreach Service,

meeting at Bloom House, Livingston & VSGW Bathgate.

This service is now named New Direction West Lothian.

Part of the project recorded the Artwork, poetry & stories

people wanted to share. You can see some of their work

and a little of the story of the project in the photos opposite.

I will add my voice to theirs with the poem below.

This page will be updated soon ~ with more examples from

people on the project and more of the story of the last year.

You can download the project report here as a PDF file.


 To all

   the pavement passers by

   who quickly turn their heids

   or try to walk that wee bit faster

   could you maybe

                         hauld yer horses ?

  If we can take the time

            to pause . . . and look

                    with brand new eyes.

    we'll catch a glimpse

    of some things easily forgotten.

 We all walk with uncertainty,


                  from our liberty,

     we all need care and kindness

     whoever we may be.

 So give us shelter

         warmth and nourishment

         space to bloom and grow

                     down different roads

         than those we've known

         perhaps too well.

 We mat be absent . . . writhing

              shaking, deaf

                    to any merry making

 We all could use some educating

           on the moments

                      we are missing.

 For every Lifeline I've been thrown

           there's gratitude returned

           and more ~

           a place inside

           where I am home,

                 a smile I carry with me.



 To all 

       the folk in bright white coats

    who talk as though they're sure

      they know us better

     then we'll ever know ourselves

 Life has many antidotes

                    you can't prescribe

     and those who find

             the ears to listen, know

   we're more than our condition

       and maybe not so different

                          you and I.

   I wonder if . . .

   you'd care to choose

   a mile or two in these old shoes

          that circle, through

          the waiting rooms of life.


  for the common sense within

  this diagnosis, that squeezes me

          into a form

         that rarely smells of roses.

 We're not machines

    that must be fixed,

    there's no cure for aliveness.

    Still, you'll find me

    where my instinct lives, near

    what aye rings true inside us.

 We're all just leaves

                 on one big tree.

   so hear this call to leave me be.

         Just be with me,

                       keep me company,

           till I come back to my body.