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The Waiting Room.pdf The Waiting Room.pdf
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Lifeline.pdf Lifeline.pdf
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The Waiting Room



Address to the Unco Guid.pdf Address to the Unco Guid.pdf
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to a listener.pdf to a listener.pdf
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A wee response to R Burns ' Address to the Unco Guid '

Only what I might ask from a listener . . . including myself.


Fishing for Fallen Light.jpg Fishing for Fallen Light.jpg
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Pablo Neruda writes beautifully, on Listening inside.

the guesthouse.jpg the guesthouse.jpg
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RUMI  writes with clarity on ~ welcoming the unknown


bOILERHOUSE 2012 FLYER with Description.pdf bOILERHOUSE 2012 FLYER with Description.pdf
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GEMT Report.pdf GEMT Report.pdf
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     Workshops 2012     An 8 week introductory course in Listening

                                      at The Boilerhouse in the Hidden Gardens  


Glasgow Educational and Marshal Trust             

Report on the 60 Hr Childrens Focusing training with Rene Veugelers, 2009. 

 Articles from the Online Library of the Focusing Institute ( TFI )

Focusing in Afghanistan .pdf Focusing in Afghanistan .pdf
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A report from two Focusing trainers who have been working with the local community in Afghanistan as a community wellness initiative

Focusing: An Adjunct Treatment for Adaptive Recovery from Cancer


Gendlin, E.T. (1979). The difference between focusing & self-hypnosisUnpublished manuscript (18 pp.).            


Gendlin, E.T. (2004). 5 philosophical talking points to communicate with colleagues who don't yet know focusing.

Staying in Focus. The Focusing Institute Newsletter, 4 (1), 5-8.


Gendlin, E.T. (2007). Focusing: The body speaks from the inside.               

Transcript of talk given at the 18th Annual International Trauma Conference, Boston,MAThe Focusing Institute.  ( MP3 )