a  few

more words . . . .


Nah . . . . that's enough words for now. After all . . . . Listening is an activity. It is something that we do. Listening Creatively inside ourselves is no different.

So, here are some things to try, if you like, in a playful spirit of exploration.

             with a couple of important guidelines

  1 ~  Whatever you are doing . . . if it does not feel right . . . stop.

 2 ~  If you find yourself being overwhelmed by something . . . stop.

 Take a time out

This form of Listening is always a movement towards . . . Lightness or an easing of tension . . . a feeling of ' fresh air ' felt physically in the body ~ which we can come to realise as  . . . a compass.

This is NOT about re-experiencing the same old thoughts and feelings you have had over and over again, or re-telling the same old story, which does not really do us justice anyway.


GIve me a minute........I am typing as we speak!