Five agreements

                                         How is Focusing Safe?

                         Abridged Text from ' Focusing and Safety ' by Rob Foxcroft.


" When two people meet and exchange Focusing and Listening time

It is called ' a Focusing Partnership '

and there is a puzzling fact about this partnership.

Although the people Focusing and Listening are not highly trained,

           the process of Focusing is safe ~ and safety is the most important thing here. "

                                                                                                                                     R. Foxcroft


                            If there is not psychological safety, then nothing good can happen.

        We create an atmosphere of safety by setting up some clear and simple agreements.

            The agreements work, when people honour them both in the letter and in the spirit.


   It needs to be completely clear that ~ if a person cannot honour these agreements,

 which create safety,  then they should NOT continue with a Focusing Partnership.




1. Confidentiality; anything said by a Focuser in a session is strictly confidential.

2. Privacy; a Focuser may keep private any or all of what is there, and is responsible for keeping private anything not ready to be shared, either yet or ever.

3. Ownership of the session; the session 'belongs' to the Focuser: They are always in charge of what is happening during a Focusing session. This is crucial.

4. Equal Time; It is almost always best to share the time equally.

5. Time Out; If any of the above agreements are being broken, then it becomes the  shared responsibility of each person to call for Time Out.