good medicine

If we have a long term condition and we live with something everyday of our lives the relationship we have with our body matters greatly. It affects our quality of life,   in many ways including: our decision making, how we cope with anxiety and pain, lack of mobility, regulating medication and many more issues.

In order to experience the confidence, peace of mind and helpful energy that flows from truly embodying the understanding that ' we are more than our condition ' we need to understand how to integrate both Inner and Outer Self Management.

If you are not already aware of them, then please check out the LTCAS website . . they are giving a voice to many people and doing something well worth supporting.

How we relate to our inside world ~ directly affects how we deal with the outside.

If we listen to ourselves inside with more curiosity and kindness, then we are able to help ourselves live more closely connected to our instinct of what is right for us. We can nurture and strengthen this insitinct by learning to give ourselves attention  differently, making some small shifts in language and carrying specifc attitudes.

Sometimes this is not so easy in the face of medical professionals or anyone else who adopts an authoritative stance without genuinely respecting our voice and our sense of what the voice of our body might offer, if it was given the chance to share the often untapped wisdom that is carried within us.