Mind the Gap !

This expression reminds me to allow myself to step off my train of thought, for a moment

and let my body be the bridge that it is ~ between my conscious and subconscious mind.

We can all go through our daily life without giving ourselves something vital . . . . . a Gap !

A wee space for us to grow into ~ that we we may rarely have even allowed to form at all.



The space between . . .

 who we think we are ~ what we think we know ~ what we think we want

where we think we are going and something more . . .

is the gap we are exploring.



In our western culture of increasing complexity and pace of interaction it is rare for us in to go hunting . . .

for a few fresh moments in our day when we can allow ourselves to just rest in the space between things.


between my words and yours in conversation ~ between one activity and the next 

between a question  . . . and the place we let an answer form itself from.

We can meet this gap and even come to welcome it with a little gentle curiosity.