Here are some things to note for anyone new to this.


Focusing is NOT about

getting in touch with emotions

or thoughts and feelings,


though, it is a helpful tool to assist this process,

which is in itself a necessary and important step

for anyone who wants to get to know themselves.



        Focusing is a step beyond this territory, underneath the surface of our known experience.



From here, we are in a good position

 to sense ourselves.



Focusing is NOT meditation, NOT Analysis

and it is NOT talking to yourself



This is a whole brain skill ~ both left and right hemispheres of the brain, working together, at the same time.


Instinctive & Rational elements combine, with our attention centred in the physical body. Changes from Alpha to Theta brainwaves have been recorded during a felt-shift: showing  how brain and body welcome this combining of left and right sides and ease into a more relaxed state.



This is NOT about

posing questions to your mind,

in the usual way.


“ The mind and body know different things

 and answer questions in different ways. “


The mind will always give us a quick answer, especially to something that may bring change.




Focusing invites us to notice this reaction

from the mind that we know.....and let it go.


We are allowing something new to form, physically,

in the body, from what is unclear and unknown.



Focusing is a word we associate with our sight

in the external world, but here we turn our attention inwards and let our inner life come into awareness  from something that may be, at first vague and very slight, but which can come into sharp, clear focus.