I hope it speaks for itself ~ as a partnership to support you through whatever you are doing with your life.

Once you know the ropes of sensing into the Body and some helpful boundaries of this way of Listening

then the intention is to pass on a skill which you can keep . . . to use in everyday life however you wish.

Initially some tuition may be needed. I would aim for this phase to last only as long as it really needs to.

Then, the idea is that I would step back and and leave you with the tools to form a Listening Partnership.      


                     One person supporting another, in a free exchange of time and attention,

                                                    where no money changes hands.


That does not cover everything  . . . by a long way and there are still a good many things to make clear.


Usually you get the basics and then practice alone or with a friend. You may know more than you realise

This is Self & Peer Support with no long term need for an authority or qualified person in the room ~ just

people willing to respect clear boundaries sharing time equally, while exploring their own individual way of

practicing Listening through the Body ~ with Art

First . . .  I need to translate this phrase into Glaswegian or at least some language that can be clearly understood.

No jargon or an overdose of therapeutic gobbledigook.

It's like . . . having a wee breather from the busyness of life and letting your body drive the bus for a change.

Listening to everything you notice, inside  and out, with a hearty pinch of salt,  a cup of kindness and sincere

                              p            l            a            y            f            u            l            n            e            s            s     

I hope that makes sense. There is bucket loads more to say on how it actually works ~ though words may not help.


I am NOT attempting to re-invent the wheel of conversation . . . or trying to teach my granny to suck eggs,

I know I will always remain standing on the shoulders of others while developing a helpful, teachable skill.   

There are a few important differences between this way of sharing gentle attention and how we may usually

experience everyday conversation. In an LSP each person is aware that the other is no authority over them

at any time. In this partnership we entrust ourselves to no-one, always staying in charge of the process

of simply noticing, following, exploration, growth & change that unfolds, without looking outside for direction.


We keep our own counsel ~ sharing out loud, only whatever we are certain is appropriate . . . at that moment.

We offer no criticism, comments, advice or judgements and maybe not even helpful ideas ~ unless invited to.

                        We cannot ever really be displaced from the drivers seat of our lives.

Being able to express ourselves and communicate, however we manage it, is absolutely fundamental to being

a human being, yet we do not know that much about how we do it. We know even less and rarely pause to ask:

where our words may come from

So . . . where to start ?