Sincere Playfulness

This attitude is the heart of everything that has helped me to live with a little more ease and digest my emotional dinner.

It may seem to ask something that is a little paradoxical in nature, to hold these two qualities together at the same time,

yet they compliment and strengthen each other particularly well ~ especially if we find ourselves working with children.

In this context being ' playful  ' also means to have more flexibility of thinking readily available when looking inside.

If we come across something we might usually name as a ' difficulty ', like a troubling memory or some strong emotion,

it is extremely helpful to be able to look at these things within us with fresh eyes and some genuine curiosity again,

just as we would have done when we were young children. 


These days I hardly go anywhere without a wee lump of Playdoh in my backpack ~ it can be such an instantly helpful

tool to allow us to express externally whatever may be in the process of ' forming ' itself within us at any given moment.

It is more difficult to be too serious if you are moulding some playdoh and it is tough not to be playful ~ even a wee bit !