Tapping . . . the Body's Wisdom                    

          " the body and mind

         know different things "



There is only so much information we can hold in our mind to work with, at a given moment.

Our body, however, holds information differently, as the storehouse for everything we know

about any given subject . . . or situation, relationship, memory, creative project  ~  anything.

The body holds ALL of the information about a subject as a ' whole ' . . . .  a complex, living

multi-dimensional, fluid form  ~ we can sense inside ourselves, interact with and ' tap ' into.

We all have this facility  built in  to us ~ we have just lost touch with how to access it directly.


Aboriginal Peoples and many Native Tribes worldwide ~ that have retained their culture,

still nurture this instinct . . . . to connect with the Body's Wisdom ~ as part of everyday life.

It is an understanding of nature, the earth and human beings as, in effect, one system.

As such, this instinct and the skills that support it are far more Old Age  than ' New Age'.