the company of meaning



                               Please . . .

                                               take your hats off and join me . . . to listen

                                               sit down into your body,

                                               let me know,

                                                             if you follow  ~  if you don't 

                                               if you need to call a halt and take

                                               a moment for yourself,

                                                                        I want to know.


                                               If you've nothing good to say ~ say nothing

                                               If you're lost for words ~ be lost,


                                               Leave me be and just be with me

                                                               and there'll no be any cost.


                                               Maybe then we'll aye be keeping

                                               the company of meaning.




The poetry below is dedicated to all my relationsMost of these words rose out of

  the creative energy that flows in the midst of grief ~ follow your nose to read more.