the Intelligence of aliveness

Who is driving the bus ?

Listening through the Body helps us to connect with our aliveness itself 

and the intelligence that permeates every cell and molecule in our body.

Our body and mind can be understood as one system and inseperable.

Our mind has many different modes or states and at any given moment

we may find ourselves shifting between them, often very quickly indeed.

How can we approach ourselves inside with genuine care and affection,

in a way that integrates both instinct and reason with our guiding intent

firmly centred in the kindness and curiosity personified by our right brain.


Krishnamurti ~ pictured opposite ~ has something of relevance to say

about the difference between our ' thinking mind ' and our ' intelligence '.


" Yes, that is affection ~ that is love.

When you talk to my waking consciousness, it is hard, clever, subtle,

brittle and you penetrate that, penetrate it with your look,

 with your affection, with all the feeling you have.

That operates, not anything else. "



From where I am standing, the way that we pay attention to ourselves

is greatly affected by whichever side of our brain is running the show.

Our left and right brains process information very differently, viewing

the world from radically different perspectives and with fundamentally

different ways of seeing. We need both sides, in balance, to live well !


When we turn our attention inside ourselves ~ our intention matters. 

It matters ~ in terms of the quality of attitude our attention carries and

in what we wish to do. Are we going to Clear a Space and pause . . . 

to enjoy a respite from embodying our difficulties just for a wee while.

Or can we find our bodily sense of something and give ' it  ' a chance

to unfold differently ? Do we have an agenda ?


Who do we need to drive the bus if we turn our attention inside ?

I want my right brain to be running the show ~ as it has no agenda and

is unafraid of change. From here I am closer to ' the wee kid ' inside me

and am able to look at life with care, curiosity, kindness and fresh eyes. 






















This is a quote from the final page of:

' the awakening of intelligence '