I offer individual tuition and small group workshops throughout Scotland integrating

therapeutic Art making into an everyday practice of 'clearing a space' and Listening.

The intention is to enrich and deepen experience of whatever we are already doing

and enhance our well-being at the same time.


We may have a creative project, a piece of writing or idea we wish to carry forward

or be coping with a long term health condition, career change or personal difficulty.

We may want to learn a new skill that enhances our personal and professional life.



Workshops . . . .  . . . . £10 for each 2 Hour class ) £60 ( a full 8 week course )

Small Groups . . . . . . £150 / 200  half day  £300 / 350  full day  ( up to 12 people )

Individual Tuition . . . £15 / 25 / 40 per hour. ( dependant on your needs & income)


I offer tuition to individuals and small groups of people on how to form and sustain a partnership

based on this way of Listening, with clear boundaries and helpful steps that support the process. 

This can be tailored to the specifics of your field of work or creative project you may wish to carry

forward and / or if you wish to deepen your meditative practice or just get to know yourself better.


There is a reduction to £10 / hr for pairs and groups of 3 / 8 people and a concession rate of £9 / hr

to the unwaged, students or single parents and a similar reduction for groups all on a low income.





In 2011 ~ I led  the ' Focusing ' element of the Msc Course in Counselling and Psychotherapy

run by PERSONA for the University of Stirling. This was for postgraduate counselling students

to explore Mindfulness and Focusing. ( )


I will be building on this in 2012 and developing some new courses in Self and Peer Support

for: Befriending Networks ~ Teachers ~ Child Care Workers ~ Gp's and Health Practitioners.


There are general outcomes for anyone who begins to practice this wee gem of a skill and 

some that are more specific to each individual situation and their respective fields of work.




This skill is best passed on from one person to another through 'Learning by Doing'.

the basics can normally be picked up in a few hours with a little curiosity and patience.

Like any skill, we grow into it more deeply and easily, over time ~ with regular practice.


There are as many ways to approach taking our first steps into our inner landscape as

there are different types of people in this world. We will each have our own unique way. 


So ~ where do we start ? 

Well . . . if we are comfortable right now then this is one slightly more ' direct ' route in.

What do you sense around the centre of your body . . . 

                                                                   if you turn your attention inside ~ right now ?

Give it a few seconds . . . is it ok to allow a wee gap to form ?

What do you notice  . . .? Is there something there ? What is it like  . . .? 

Does it have a quality ~ a colour, a size and shape, texture, weight or density ?

Is it fluid or shifting ?

Can you express something of this quality by drawing it or moulding it out of something ?

Can you sense a connection to the story of your life today ?

Is there an emotional tone ?

Can you just say hello to it , whatever it is and maybe step back from naming it quickly ?

Can you just hang out here with yourself for a while and have a breather . . . a wee gap !

Can you make it ok ~ just to stay on the edge of all of this ?


Maybe these questions will do nothing for you. I would probably expect that straight away.

There are many doors in to this skill.

A good way to find yours could be  . . . to bring to mind something you love doing

or some place you love to be ~ this can be real or imaginary.

Something or somewhere you feel great !


What do you notice now . . . . in your body ?

is it different somehow ?

What is there . . . now ?






If you want some tuition in Listening through the Body and we work together, then it will


I would say it is less 'do as I say or do as I do ' and more ' do as you do ' 

If we work together ~ my intention is to keep you company while you do it.

just keep all the good stuff.