Creative  Listening  Skills  Practice

                                                Self & Peer Support


LISTENING to each other is an essential human need in everyday life, I recognise as:  A CREATIVE SKILL, IN IT'S OWN RIGHT, we can nurture and nourish over time.

No one needs much convincing how helpful it is ~ just being with someone we know is a good Listener to enjoy some time-out where we can just allow ourselves to pause . . . . . . . and take a breather from the busyness of life.

It is a simple but invaluable thing in this world ~ especially if we are going through something difficult and need extra support. Whatever situation we are facing, negotiating our lives needs time and attention and it matters greatly where and how we direct that attention ~ particularly on the inside.

The way we pay attention in our body can change how our life unfolds.

There is good evidence for this in over 40 years research into Focusing ~ a skill at the heart of my own life and something I wish to share with others which guides and informs the boundaries of any Life Support Partnership.



There is much common ground these days between people who know the value of good quality Listening and the benefits of Self-Management.  Many excellent support groups, help-lines, voluntary initiatives and creative projects already exist out there for people coping with long term conditions or difficult personal issues.

LifeSupportPartnerships shares this common ground and aims to support people;

1   Through Listening, centred in the body, based on the principles of Focusing.

2  To Learn and Practice   ~  Creative Listening skills, enhanced with Art making.

3  Specialising in Working with Children, following the work of Marta Stapert.

4  To offer a model to anyone wishing to form a Self & Peer Support partnership.

Raising awareness through the SCFA  Scottish Children Focusing Association.


It may not actually help us very much to try and be nice or polite, or even to imagine that it is our job to save, fix or change ourselves and others. But, if we want to, we can practice listening to one another more clearly, carefully and creatively and support each other to take the next steps forward in our lives, in a way that is truly . . .  right for us.