This site is intended to describe a way of Listening through the Body, how it can enrich

and deepen your life experience and how to form a supportive partnership if you wish to.

There are exercises to try ~ so you can test the water and get a clear sense of whether

this is right for you.


If you would like tuition in how to practice this for yourself or want to set up a partnership

with another person, then please contact me ~ Tom Binns, at: info@LSP-Scotland.com



Many people would agree that Listening is something worth doing more of and also that

our view of the Body has expanded to include an understanding of ourselves as always

living in connection ~ with our nature, our mind and personality, environment and others.


I will add my voice and say we need to be clear what we mean by Listening ~ the Body

and any other words or expressions that can easily hold a range of meanings for us all. 


I mean listening with more than our ears in a body not separate at all from us, the listener.

If we practice Listening through the Body  then we are acting  more as one whole system.

It is possible and often very helpful in life, to listen with a lot more than our sense of hearing.

As well as the five senses we all know well, we also have our body's ' felt sense ' of things.

This expands and enriches the quality, quantity and subtle intricacy of information available

to us and allows us to re-connect with our instinct of Rightness and our Yes and our No.


Our Body and Mind are impossible to separate and their relationship remains mysterious.

No matter how much we learn about the brain ~ Science cannot tell us where our mind is.

The relationship between our body and it's environment is also mysterious yet undeniable.

It does not fit to continue seeing ourselves as isolated individuals, living only for ourselves.



Listening through the Body is, from where I am standing, 100 times more helpful and

effective than listening . . . as we might usually understand the meaning of the word.

So . . . now I also need to explain what I mean by ' Body  '. I mean more than just the

physical body. I understand our heart, mind and physical body to all be connected as

one system, effectively. I would include myself in acknowledging that we all lead quite

fragmented lives, that do not lend themselves to living as though this were really true.


In a nutshell ~ it is the quality of relationship we have that matters most in this context.

Whether that is with other people in everyday life or with ourselves and however much

we wish to explore what it is to be a human being alive today and ' all that is within us '.